As I SPRANG out of bed this afternoon, after a nap, I noticed a strange feel in the air.

My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the lost ones, I can only hope you accept my gesture of deep honour, for love, and life, and truly to these things there is no end.

I see you…


Such a beautiful diagram of one the simplest and most rewarding exercises i have ever used, it takes a few months to really fall in love with it, because it can be painful if you are a bit lazy with exercising in general. After I got really comfortable and noticing the results, I noticed how much simpler any other exercise was for me to handle.

For the winter months, I have saved so much money on heating, because doing asanas every couple of hours keeps your body much warmer, your blood flow will thank you!

One of the most beautiful life lessons I strengthened and nurtured during my health adventures is this:

Healing and health are father and son.

Deep breathing, and its science was the doorway for this concept, I could not learn to breath properly without being educated about why breathing is so important, beyond how it would help my waist-line, and staying alive of course.

One interesting development was how warm I stayed on the streets of London today, it hasn’t been this cold for a long time! I could feel my bones learning to adjust, my nostrils barely coping, it felt the reverse of nose burn in a sauna. Anyone who has tried to meditate in a sauna will know what I mean!

I actually had to re-work my deep breathing method to use the mouth, like whistling backwards and forwards with no sound, but it totally worked!

A few nice deep breaths, and I was toasty, the slippery ice didn’t matter, the empty store shelves, so what! I just realized I can stay nice warm by my own choosing!

For any reader who has not developed a simple and efficient breathing regime, I would recommend waiting for the next deep breath of relief to be your marker. You can do it on purpose or wait for the next natural one, it’s up to you, when it happens, take notice of the change you feel.

Now you know, because your body reminds you every time, how to send signals back to your bio-machine.

Deep breath… aah that’s nice, relax.


January 4, 2010

8 years ago, I was 19 years old, and 19 Stone in mass.

Today I am 27 years old, and 11 stone in mass.

FACT – I have achieved it, and I want to tell the world about it 🙂