The principle system which functions in our markets, is also that which has been observed by our ancient and indigenous families, the name of the game is Supply & Demand.

The issue, which is really a non-issue when it goes out of style, is that this system is so highly loved and equally hated that many people react to it in a low, fear based attitude, and it will always spark a thread of events to “shove in your face” the truth that you refuse to embrace.

My weight has always mirrored my level of allowance that I set within myself for the full application of this system, in fact I think it would be right to say that I had to force down the notion of, say, mid-thought I notice that I end a thought prematurely because I perceive a possible “threat ahead”, like an uncomfortable harsh thought trail, or evil, I end up throwing so much attention that way, I forget the only way to “graduate” from an unwanted core value is to embrace the thing.

If I were to sum up all my thoughts, hopes and goals, and give it a name, I would say Truth and Love govern my demand in the theme of life on Earth, and the supply, it is so plentiful.

But the crucial bar is set at “can you balance the giving and taking?”

Can I allow enough freedom in my life, enough passion for life to flow through me, that my physical body becomes a mirror of the somewhat miraculous momentum that is building in my development.

Allowing myself to understand the connection between the world of money and the world of nature, the reason for the experiment, the flower of understanding begins to open to expose a pattern.

But you can only see it, and feel it, when you let go of all thoughts and completely relax.

Your waist size will thank you, as I do now, for reading.


What If You Could?

January 31, 2010

A very common topIc that comes out of my deep conversatIons Is the truth regardIng the spIderman sayIng we all remember;

“WIth great power comes great responsIbIlty”

“Remember son,
out of the heart,
the mouth speaks”

After years of not understanding this phrase that my mother used to utter like a motto, I now feel a powerful physical transformation must always acknowledge the essence behind these words.

Your heart can be as fierce as your words, and if this is true, you can use words as your gateway to the you you want.

I had to break up my language to understand this, for instance DIS-EASE, so wait, does that mean the opposite is AT EASE?
I found myself linking being overweight with dis-ease, but I noticed the more I learned to be AT EASE, my weight dropped.

It was like thinking out loud, and watching myself do it in real life to prove my thoughts were correct.

Another good one, MOMENT UM – this is actually an ancient chanting method encrypted in the words.
Saying it slowly, and breathing deeply, you might just have the best sleep of your life!

Defining My Success

January 19, 2010

The amazing physical transformation I have experienced was due to a shockingly effective process of learning how to listen to my body and respond correctly.


A good friend said to me the other day “Everybody has got something that makes them switch”, I took it to mean the “critical line” that is drawn in each man, or “law”, and to that, I could only respond with the Laws of Nature.

In the astonishing film Avatar, which I just enjoyed at the 02 Vue in Finchley Road, London, the indigenous people from Pandora drew the “Nature” line so strongly, that when the “Sky People” tried in any way to interfere with their ways, the “Nature” line was the first and last threat, the broken LAW.

One thing that always pushes its way into all my thoughts is whether a person, or idea, is honoring the obvious need to love and respect Our Mother, the Earth and Nature.

“We killed our mother, a long time ago”

Most religious reaches for spiritual truth tend to only have conflicts out in the open regarding the male aspect of man, while the female aspect tends to fall to the mysterious night.

Even though this is apparent from some angles, I think even the male aspects of man are much agreed on, as the “law” tends to rest within structure, straight lines, the blade, but the forgetting of our origins causes us to lose sight of simple truth, for instance, we are all one.

If Pandora was real and I could go there, I think I have always been there, and being in this world perhaps could be easily explained as the inversion of the “Sky People” wearing an avatar to enter the alien world. I feel like my human skin is the avatar, and deeper inside, I am from the earth.

I see you…

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As I SPRANG out of bed this afternoon, after a nap, I noticed a strange feel in the air.

My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the lost ones, I can only hope you accept my gesture of deep honour, for love, and life, and truly to these things there is no end.

I see you…

Such a beautiful diagram of one the simplest and most rewarding exercises i have ever used, it takes a few months to really fall in love with it, because it can be painful if you are a bit lazy with exercising in general. After I got really comfortable and noticing the results, I noticed how much simpler any other exercise was for me to handle.

For the winter months, I have saved so much money on heating, because doing asanas every couple of hours keeps your body much warmer, your blood flow will thank you!