Pandora Has A Secret

April 21, 2010

Yes I know, the name is not just a fictional planet in a film, for now let’s just check, was there even 1 overweight member of the tribe?

I think the path laid out by the people of Pandora was a sacred one, and in turn, how can nutrition be ignored?

It would take a huge amount of confusion to break up the facts of life to the point where they are no longer respected, and we turn on the basics, our lives will automatically reflect it…..

I came to this understanding only recently, it took 1 year to implement this attitude, and I used one type of food to achieve results beyond my expectations.


The Avatar Stone

February 24, 2010

The Avatar Stone

How can I link my weight loss of 8 stone to the concepts in the film Avatar?

I think the inherent interest in this phrase “The Avatar Stone” gives a very specific vibration.

There is truth within the film that we need to embrace in real life – when we do we have found the “The Avatar Stone” and with it comes automatic cleansing within our bodies, when we embrace our Mother, Nature.

This is what I have experienced, Nature is our guide for correct living, if it can be accepted that there is a single solution to most of the complexities we have explored, the link back to this truth is very important.

What does it mean to look good, when you look at the food you eat and can’t feel good about where it comes from?

It means the look you desire has disconnected from the root desire that is far deeper than looking good.

It means you have found a depth of interest within your own self!

You can automatically assume that if you feel some thing is important, and then you have the thing in your hands and it felt better wanting it rather than having it, it means the supply and demand is out of balance.

You CAN feel as good as you feel in your dreams, YOU CAN BE THE ANSWER.

My challenge to you is CAN YOU be brave enough to ask the TRUE QUESTION?

Your body and mind will re-align with your attention to this idea, weight loss will be inevitable.

There is a perfect place in all of us, and the more we run to it, the more momentum we throw into the vacuum of perfect health.

The Avatar Stone is The TRUTH we need to see in the mirror.

The word Avatar, if investigated will trigger interest back into the balance, and it will flush out some of the common confusions with the amount of responsibility our individual lives need to take.

The flip-side of the coin is that only if we choose to be ONE, can we see the illusion of divided power.