The Art of Losing To Gain – Haiti Earthquake – Tipping Point

February 23, 2010

The principle system which functions in our markets, is also that which has been observed by our ancient and indigenous families, the name of the game is Supply & Demand.

The issue, which is really a non-issue when it goes out of style, is that this system is so highly loved and equally hated that many people react to it in a low, fear based attitude, and it will always spark a thread of events to “shove in your face” the truth that you refuse to embrace.

My weight has always mirrored my level of allowance that I set within myself for the full application of this system, in fact I think it would be right to say that I had to force down the notion of, say, mid-thought I notice that I end a thought prematurely because I perceive a possible “threat ahead”, like an uncomfortable harsh thought trail, or evil, I end up throwing so much attention that way, I forget the only way to “graduate” from an unwanted core value is to embrace the thing.

If I were to sum up all my thoughts, hopes and goals, and give it a name, I would say Truth and Love govern my demand in the theme of life on Earth, and the supply, it is so plentiful.

But the crucial bar is set at “can you balance the giving and taking?”

Can I allow enough freedom in my life, enough passion for life to flow through me, that my physical body becomes a mirror of the somewhat miraculous momentum that is building in my development.

Allowing myself to understand the connection between the world of money and the world of nature, the reason for the experiment, the flower of understanding begins to open to expose a pattern.

But you can only see it, and feel it, when you let go of all thoughts and completely relax.

Your waist size will thank you, as I do now, for reading.


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