Avatar – Pandora – Terra Firma – Our Mother

January 17, 2010


A good friend said to me the other day “Everybody has got something that makes them switch”, I took it to mean the “critical line” that is drawn in each man, or “law”, and to that, I could only respond with the Laws of Nature.

In the astonishing film Avatar, which I just enjoyed at the 02 Vue in Finchley Road, London, the indigenous people from Pandora drew the “Nature” line so strongly, that when the “Sky People” tried in any way to interfere with their ways, the “Nature” line was the first and last threat, the broken LAW.

One thing that always pushes its way into all my thoughts is whether a person, or idea, is honoring the obvious need to love and respect Our Mother, the Earth and Nature.

“We killed our mother, a long time ago”

Most religious reaches for spiritual truth tend to only have conflicts out in the open regarding the male aspect of man, while the female aspect tends to fall to the mysterious night.

Even though this is apparent from some angles, I think even the male aspects of man are much agreed on, as the “law” tends to rest within structure, straight lines, the blade, but the forgetting of our origins causes us to lose sight of simple truth, for instance, we are all one.

If Pandora was real and I could go there, I think I have always been there, and being in this world perhaps could be easily explained as the inversion of the “Sky People” wearing an avatar to enter the alien world. I feel like my human skin is the avatar, and deeper inside, I am from the earth.

I see you…

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    Lovely feedback, i’ve watched it too and described it in my basic english…

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